Computer Repair & Website Development

Here at CCT we're a full service Computer Repair & Website / Application Development company serving San Luis Obispo County since 2008. We fix slow computers, we overhaul old computers, we can upgrade your old PC. We offer the best prices for computer servies of anyone with a brick and mortar computer shop in Northern San Luis Obispo County. If you're looking for onsite computer repair schedule with us today.

Paper to Digital Web Apps 

Paper to Digital Web Apps

Turn your paper nightmares into organized easy to use data entry system. We can convert almost anything on paper to a universal digitally formatted database web applications supported by PC, Android & iOS


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eCommerce Shopping Cart Websites

Websites with full shopping cart implementation so you can sell your products over the internet on your own website; that's what we do. From start to finish, a basic eCommerce website service package includes: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a listing of products you sell, these are separated by category. The basic package includes full payment processing via the web for your business.

We work with existing and new markets to build a strong web presence and meaningful applications. We build websites to meet the business needs of customers in San Luis Obispo county.  Learn more: View Our Website Portfolio We Build custom eCommerce, blogging and landing-page websites with healthy organic SEO content so that you can reach your customers. Additionally We Provide onsite Computer Repair Services in the San Luis Obispo Regions.

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Web Applications

Practical Applications that allow your business become more efficient, engaging, interactive, dynamic while ahead of the curve; thats what we develop here at Central Coast Technologies.

Web Apps: are like programs that operate over the internet; so unlike a program installed on a computer you can run the program as long as you have an internet connection world-wide. We develop logging applications, time tracking, and automated barcode systems.

Barcode Automation: Automated scan options to sell your products and track movement via website automation scan per-click ease of use when scanning many products at a time.

Data/Time Tracking: Keep track of data based on needs that are specific to your buisness; including custom reports based on statistics/needs of your company.

Data/Event Recording: We build applications that allow you to record/log safety procedures with integrated training/tutorial applications that provide employees training on very granular specifics to your buisness. This includes custom reporting and metrics built on PHP  & SQL website application foundations that we create in-house.

CCT ERP & FlexSoi
The CCT ERP and FlexPlatform also supports export to excel, upload of images, music, and youtube embeding.

Android Application Development Websites in SLO