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On August 1st, 2016 - Central Coast Technologies opened a new office in Atascadero, CA. The new office is located behind Coast Hills Federal Credit Union (Bank) in Atascadero. Stop by and visit us at: 8740 Pueblo Ave Suite 206 Atascadero, CA 93422. With over 13 years of experience repairing Computers CCT has worked with every aspect of residential computer needs. Services include: Data Backup: Quickbooks,

Google Street view image of the new computer repair shop in Atascadero.

Desktop Computer Repair

Towers, PC's, also known as Desktop Machines are notorious for slowing down progressively over time. One of the best things you can do to keep your computer running at full speed is: Virus/Spyware removal, Temporary File removal from browsers like (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox). Turning off startup items - Some programs are very RAM/CPU intensive; meaning they slow down performance tremendously if running in the background from startup. You can disable startup items [WARNING]: We suggest you research or take the computer to a specialist if you're unfamiliar with [ MSCONFIG.EXE ] The registry is also a dangerous place to play around; unless you are familiar with it; otherwise it's a very handy place to check for startup items and even spyware/virus manifests. When we look at hardware failure typically it's the Power Supply (on average a $60 part) more frequently during storms or power outages; we suggest unplugging the computer tower when you go on long trips, vacation, or even weekends during the stormy seasons.

desktop computer repair

Laptop Computer Repair

Thin, small, big, portable - Laptops are available in todays market with a wide range in screen size, capacity, and rendering capabilities, let's not forget quality. Dell is more commonly a choice because they parts are easier to access, the machines are more built to fix, and they typically use better components depending on the model/revision/year. Next in line is Asus being the second choice and suggestion.

laptop computer repair