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Hard Drive Diagnostics - Good or Bad ?

Companies that manufacture Hard Drives always offer a diagnostic utility for checking a hard drive to see if it's good, or bad (failing). The first thing you want to do is identify what brand your hard drive is. With desktop computers you can pull open the side of the tower and look for the label with the Brand. Next you'll want to visit the manufacturers website - Example: this is Western Digitals Website

Seagate Hard Drive Pic

Do you Hear Clicking / clanking Noises ?

If you're hearing clicking sounds coming from your computer it is suggested that you immediately power off the machine, and take it to a local computer repair shop for analysis. The longer you leave a machine powered on with a failing hard drive clicking, the more likely it is that data recovery will be more difficult, or sometimes not possible.

what the inside of a hard drive looks like

How To Replace a Hard Drive

First identify the type of connector being used. There are two common styles SATA (Serial ATA) and IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics). You'll know if it's IDE because it will use a ribbon that closely resembles a floppy drive. The ribbons and SATA cables are supplied in various colors including: Black, Red, Grey, White, Orange, and sometimes other colors.

Western Digital Hard Drive

FAQs - Additional Information About Hard Disk Drives 

Hard Drive Performance

Hard Drive Cache

Hard Drive RPM's

5400 RPMS
7200 RPMS
10,000 RPMS


0 RPS - SSD Solid State

SSD / Solid State

Data Recovery Services

We can recover lost photos on your computer, lost documents, deleted documents, images, music and more.

Hard Drive Platter

The Hard Drive as a platter or disc like object that stores data using magnetism of 0 and 1 bits.

Bytes of Data: KB, MB, GB, TB

KB: Killobyte
MB: Megabyte
GB: Gigabyte
TB: Terrabyte