Computer Tutorial / How To Remove Fake AntiVirus Popup Window

Fake Internet Security 2012

Win 7 Internet Security 2012 is one of many Rogue variants. These are dangerous system infections that typically derive from unintentionally exposing your computer to an infected website. Sometimes these viruses infect the owners of specific websites that have no intent to deliver viruses/spyware to the visitors. In 2014 there were a lot of things to be learned about security of user data and websites. This includes attacks on servers that contain user information, credit card information, social numbers, telephone numbers, addresses, and much more. Being aware of such internet risks, and taking the appropriate action can prevent, or cure most Rogue style infections.

1. Run routine Virus/Spyware scans
2. Clean your temporary folders
3. Disable System restore  

note: Some infections create a loop by caching files in the System Restore folder.

Fake Personal AntiVirus

Personal Antivirus is telling you "Security is at risk! Protection disabled" don't let it fool you. this window is really the infection. Sometimes they will try and collect money from you, and it will still be there. Don't ever pay money to a software / internet window that you're unsure of. These infections can also disable Firewall, existing antivirus software, and open the ports to even more vulnerabilities.

Fake XP Anti-Spyware

These are three examples of common fake antivirus popups that can be removed from your computer with Virus/Spyware removal utilities. If you want to tackle this yourself be prepared to first boot into Safe-mode and clean temp folders, remove unwanted programs, toolbars, and other misc.

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