Custom Website Development in San Luis Obispo

Custom Website Programs & Application Development SLO

Practical Applications that allow your business become more efficient, engaging, interactive, dynamic while ahead of the curve; thats what we develop here at Central Coast Technologies.

Web Apps: are like programs that operate over the internet; so unlike a program installed on a computer you can run the program as long as you have an internet connection world-wide. We develop logging applications, time tracking, and automated barcode systems.

Barcode Automation: Automated scan options to sell your products and track movement via website automation scan per-click ease of use when scanning many products at a time.

Data/Time Tracking: Keep track of data based on needs that are specific to your buisness; including custom reports based on statistics/needs of your company.

Data/Event Recording: We build applications that allow you to record/log safety procedures with integrated training/tutorial applications that provide employees training on very granular specifics to your buisness. This includes custom reporting and metrics built on PHP  & SQL website application foundations that we create in-house.

CCT ERP & FlexSoi
The CCT ERP and FlexPlatform also supports export to excel, upload of images, music, and youtube embeding.

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Customized eCommerce

Need a custom website with custom features for eCommerce? We provide customized development services for our customers around SLO. Custom layout and designs for a personalized theme capabilities. Need content? That's not a problem! We also provide services for content delivery including project photos & portfolios.

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Website Data Transfer Service

The Website Data Transfer Service that CCT provides is designed to assist in a majority of the companies exsiting website data or other residing digital content. This includes all major media such as - Images, Audio Files, Videos, Documents, and PDF's.

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