Jeremiah Jurgenson - Career Background & History

Jeremiah Jurgenson - IT Engineer / Website Developer [ Technology Professional ]

The First Pentium: Jeremiah Jurgenson Started learning about computers in the late 90's. Starting with a Dell Pentium 90 MHz, 16MB EDO SIMM RAM, and a super tiny 540MB Maxtor Hard Drive, Windows 95; the computer just barely met the minimal requirements for Need For Speed (a PC / Computer based) racing game.

The 486 Computer: Jeremiah started purchasing cheap old 486 computers to learn how to FDISK (allocate the Hard drive (specify sectors) Format the Hard Drive) configure hard drive jumpers (you had to specify whether or not a hard drive was primary or secondary; often times referred to as (Master/slave) hard drive. Motherboards also had many jumpers, but why? This was to configure FSB (Front Side Bus Speed) and Multiplier for the CPU/RAM/Motherboard operating frequencies and voltage specification required by the Processor/Ram (Random Access Memory). Now days the jumper settings, IRQ (Interrupt Request) /DMA (Direct Memory Access), along with many other featured are embedded in the BIOS (Basic Input Output System).

Passion: As time progressed Jurgenson also started educated himself about internet technologies, emerging software applications, cross platform devices (Apple Computers) MAC OS 7.0 through El Capitan, the beginning of affordable LCD (liquid crystal display) technology; opposed to CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) (Glass Monitors).

Education: Jurgenson completed many courses related to technology at PRHS (Paso Robles High School) those courses included:

Aerospace  Endeavour Academy: This class was taught by Steve Kliewer who worked in many areas of Government-Technology.  More information Available here: Endeavour Institute

Computer Repair (Field): This course was designed to teach students how to repair computers out in the field. Students in this class would provide computer repair services onsite at the teachers/peers workstations, rebuild computers, format hard drives, and learn basic DOS commands.

Microsoft A+ Aries: The Microsoft A+ course taught about Computer Hardware (primarily PC), Software (Microsoft Windows OS (Operating System), and some fundamental Networking concepts; for example: "What is an IP address" or "What is a Subnet Mask"  [ A+ This is a basic certification for computer repair ].

Cisco Networking Academy: This course was designed to educate students about Computer Networking; including:
Topology, the OSI model, how to crimp a CAT-5 / Ethernet cable, how to telnet, and many other fundamental labs based on Network configurations.

Electronics: The electronics class while focused on Mathematics, it provided great electronic fundamentals including concepts of Resistors, Diodes, LED's (Light Emitting Diodes), Transistors, Transformers, basics of AC (Alternating Current) /DC (Direct Current), polarity, IC's (Integrated Circuits), power consumption (Amperage/Wattage).

Computer Stuff: Jeremiah Jurgenson started his technology career in 2003; while in High School working at a local computer repair shop in Paso Robles, CA - called "Computer Stuff" AKA (Morning Star Solutions) the company had three Computer Repair Stores, one in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, and in Arroyo Grande. Jeremiah was involved with the Blaster 32 Virus removal, Sasser Virus removal, and many other common computer virus cleanups. The first two years employed at Computer Stuff were 70% customer service: inventory, answering phones, quotes and store upkeep. the position later progressed to onsite/in-house Computer Repair Services in San Luis Obispo County.

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